About Us

Archer & Moreno Realty is an independently owned and operated company. We are headquartered in San Antonio, TX and the cornerstone of our company is Property Management. We are fully licensed and also handle Residential, Commercial, and Vacation Rentals. Additionally, we also provide superior services in Buying and Selling for each of the aforementioned Real Estate markets. We are very astute and incorporate the latest information technologies to assist in all processes. These benefits are passed directly to our clients, such as real-time information concerning the status of managed properties and status of rental applications. Networking and professional affiliations are also keys to our success. We serve as the Marketing Director and Booking Agent for an Orlando-based Vacation Property Management Company. We manage, market, and are the focal booking agent for these 40+ Luxury Vacation Rental Properties. This affiliation led to the natural progression of our own Vacation Property Management enterprise/endeavor in the Greater San Antonio Real Estate Market.


Our main focus is to generate the highest income while preserving/enhancing the value of your investment property. We accomplish this through effective and efficient administration, marketing, and physical management/preventive maintenance services. Collectively, these efforts lead to the highest level of both customer service and owner satisfaction.

Senior Leadership/Management

Michael Blunt Michael Blunt...

It's my distinct pleasure to manage the Vacation Division for Archer & Moreno Realty.  In this position, I am afforded the opportunity to work with great Owners and outstanding Guests. Personally, I have worked closely with a mixture of short and long-term rentals. Many roles I have fulfilled include being a Tenant, Owner, Landlord, Property Manager, and Handyman, so I understand the perspectives of the many people involved in rental units. Those experiences serve as a basis for managing the fully furnished houses in the Vacation Division.

My Long-Term Rental experience derives from managing, marketing, screening tenants, inspecting properties, and coordinating with Owners and Contractors for the care of the properties under my watch. My Short-Term rental experience comes from serving as the Marketing Director for a Florida-based Luxury Resort Property Management company and directly managing, marketing, and booking/screening guests. It is my honor being entrusted to oversee some of the biggest investments for the Owners and providing memorable experiences for the many guests and visitors to San Antonio.

Education: B.S. Computer Management & Information Systems; Masters, Business Administration.

Currently an Active member of the: National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and the San Antonio Board of Realtors.